Round One of Editing: Figuring Out Our Issues

Posted: October 18, 2010 in Writing
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I’ve been spending the past two weeks going through my first draft.  Since I finished writing it my novel and I took a much needed break from each other, where I immersed myself in other things (like establishing my social media platform, helping my business partners at Visual Adjectives with marketing strategies, etc.).  Once I got the ball rolling on all of that stuff that I’m still learning how to do, my novel and I were reunited.

And boy, do we have some issues to iron out!

Granted, I can be my very own worst critic.  It’s the perfectionist Virgo in me can be responsible for me not finishing anything!  So when my book and I rekindled our friendship I noticed some problems we have work on before we can get married to the book game.  Like any relationship, you don’t know the problems you have until you step out of it and now the issues are crystal clear.  As I went through, I wrote down and numbered each plot line I needed to clear up, any question that needed to be answered, and any holes that need to be filled in order to make my story better.  I thought the process would be quite painful at first but it really isn’t.  It just makes me push harder, research more, and think even more creatively.  I have some great scenes now that I can’t wait to put in there and some suggestions from my peers that are totally awesome ( and make me kinda mad that I didn’t think of it first! LOL)  When I’m done with my first run through, I get to tackle this not-so-long list and finally give my perfectionism some room to play!

I guess working through our issues isn’t so bad!


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