Meet an Author Monday #1

Posted: November 8, 2010 in Meet an Author Monday

This is a weekly meme that I discovered on Confessions of a California Cheer Mom where published and unpublished authors can meet and greet.  I think this is an awesome idea so I’m giving it a try!

A little about me to those who stop by here on the hop:

I’m working on my first Epic Fantasy series called the Children of Epsilon.  I’m publishing through an awesome publishing company, called Visual Adjectives (of which I also work for).  I’m currently in the editing phases, up to my 2nd draft.  I’m hopping to have it done and on the market by Fall of next year, so my fingers are crossed! 🙂

Feel free to tell me about yourself and what you’re working on in comments! 🙂

  1. ketch1714 says:

    Hi M.! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I read the summary of The Children of Epsilon – intriguing! Looking forward hearing more about your book!
    Have a wonderful Monday!

  2. CarolOates says:

    Good luck with the editing phase.

    Editing for me is the hardest part. Creating is easy, taking my baby apart to put it back together, not so much.

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