Yes, Writers are Superheroes

Posted: November 8, 2010 in Writing
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You probably read the title and are like, “What is she talking about? Superheroes?  Seriously?”

Sure, we can’t leap tall buildings, pick up cars with one hand, or even turn an object to dust just by looking at it.  We don’t wear capes or crazy uncomfortable jumpsuits or even our own TV shows and comics.  Our pens don’t have magical powers and our laptops can’t transport us into the future.

But we are superheroes and here’s why:

Writer’s see things non-writers don’t

I got this idea from this post I read on What I saw about seeing something extradordinary that others my find just plain ordinary.  Writer’s have this special power because what may seem like a lowly picket fence for instance, can be the fence to a girl who watched her father get arrested from that picket fence.  (See what I mean!)  We can’t help it because anything and everything can be story. 

We have skin of steel

When I think of this superpower we have, I think of JK Rowling, whose manuscript for Harry Potter was turned down so many times it would make the ordinary man shrivel up in a corner and drown in pity.  Not her.  She got right back up and kept pushing (and I don’t have to tell you how huge she is now).  That’s why writers have skin of steel.  We can survive the snares of agent rejections, the knockout blows of publisher’s negative responses, and when editors tear our work to shreds.  Fame may elude us and money may seem like a treasure never to be found, but you know what?  We write anyway, getting back up after every fall and many times getting stronger everyday! 

We have multiple identities

Clark Kent has nothing on a writer!  He only had to manage one secret identity.  Many writers, on the other hand, have multiple secret identities – editor, mom, office assistant, college student, freelancer, marketer, promoter, social media mavens – I could go on.  Even as a professional, full time writer, you still have to play the role of a marketer and social media expert regardless of what publishing route you take.  I’m an administrative assistant by day, a writer by night, and a blogger/social media maven/businesswoman/wife on weekends.  Is it tough task managing all of those roles?  Sure.  But that’s what make writer’s superheroes – because we can handle it!

Writers unite!  What are some superpowers that you think writers have?

  1. Found your blog through Meet an Author Monday blog hop! Love this post–and I definitely think writers have the superpower ability to take nothing and turn it into anything they want! A blank page becomes a fortress, a love scene, a thrilling chase or beautiful castle…it’s all in the power of imagination.

  2. I think this is a great post and love the notion of writers as superheroes. Writers definitely wear so many hats these days, making super powers a necessity – or at least multi-tasking abilities a necessity :-). I’m doing a good job, myself, of developing that skin of steel as I forge ahead with the traditional publication path on novel no. 1, as I work on novel no. 2!

    Thanks for the nod to my WHAT I SAW blog!

    • MJ says:

      Thank you so much! Sometimes writers have to give themselves so much more credit than we do!

      And your are quite welcome for the mention! I thought that post was great! 🙂

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