An Example of Too Much CGI: Spartacus Blood and Sand

Posted: November 11, 2010 in TV Reviews
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As a fan of the original, I was very anxious to check out Starz version of this classic story.  In case you aren’t familiar with the story, Spartacus was a soldier who was betrayed by the Romans and sold into slavery as a Gladiator.  This series takes a look at his struggle to win his freedom and save the woman he loves.  

I just finished watching the first four episodes of Season 1 and I thought the storyline so far is awesome! Each episode had me wanting to watch the next, watching Spartacus develop from a hot head to a legendary gladiator.  I loved the fact that his character is flawed and took many hard lumps (to put it mildly) as a result.  The cast of actors is another aspect of this series I like so much.   My girl Lucy Lawless is back in full effect, playing a character I would never imagine her playing.  John Hannah (your remember him as the funny uncle in the Mummy) is also out of the acting element that I’m used to seeing him in, even though the  good nature I remember shines through every now again.

With that said, the storyline is the only thing that keeps me watching this series.  The use of CGI was such overkill, especially in the first two episodes.  I understand the gladiator games were bloody, but I don’t need the extra emphasis on the blood.  Another major annoyance of the series so far was the use of the theatrical “slow down”.  Slowing down one or two parts for emphasis is fine.  But when it happens three or four times in a short fight scene, it’s a bit much and totally unnecessary.  A third thing that the series can skimp back on is the sex scenes.  I’m not a prude and having some sex scenes can enhance a movie.  However, there were just some in here that were totally unnecessary and not essential to advancing the story.

I still plan to continue watching Season 1 with the hopes that some of these mistakes are corrected in later episodes.  If it wasn’t for the gripping storyline, I would be completely turned off.

Have you seen this series yet?  What do you think?


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