Sharing Link Love: Great Reads on Character Development

Posted: November 17, 2010 in Writing
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This day has been absolutely hectic!  Holding down a day job and trying to establish yourself as an author can be downright bananas (oh yeah, I forgot I have a thing called a “home life” too!)

So before I run off back to the million things that has kept me from writing like I want to, I thought I would take the time to share some great reads I’ve come across reading some of my favorite blogs.  Developing my secondary characters is something that I’ve been doing a lot of lately during my editing  and these blog posts have been SUPER Helpful!

Structure Part III–Introducing the Opposition from Kristen Lamb’s Blog (Awesome read on crafting your Big Bad Troublemakers, as she calls it!  I also suggest reading Part I and II as well!)

The Flip Side of Our Character from Mystery Writing is Murder (A great way to take different approach to your character’s flaws)

The Dark Side of Your Novel Hero   from Publetariat (my hero definitely has a real dark side so this came around just in time!)

Five Steps to a Strong Main Character from Scribe Sisters  (this is a new blog I just discovered and so glad I did!)

Bringing your Characters to Life series from Visual Adjectives  (this is a great series that my friend and mentor Ed Stinson has put together and has helped me put together the fundamental groundwork for all of my characters)

Hope these posts help! Happy Writing!


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