Movies I’m looking forward to Watching in 2011

Posted: December 8, 2010 in Movie Reviews

Besides writing and books, I’m a huge movie buff!  Though this year had a few notables, such as Inception, I didn’t go running off to the movie theatres much.  Next year, however, looks very promising and here are few movies that I wouldn’t mind spending my hard earned $10 to go see!

Cowboys and Aliens

Though the title needs serious work, the movie looks very good.  I was on board as soon as I saw that Harrison Ford was in it!

I Am Number Four

I read the book (which was awesome!) and I heard Steven Spielburg has his hands in this one!

The Green Lantern

I’m not too sure about the storyline, but the special effects look really cool!

Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides

I’ve always been a fan of the movies (and of Jack Sparrow) so I’ll definitely be checking out this one with the fam!

Transformers 3:  Dark of the Moon

Yes, I’m still a sucker for Transformers, though if it turns out to be a disappointment I have no one to blame but myself! LOL

Harry Potter:  The Deathly Hollows Part 2

I really enjoyed the first one, which ended with a great cliffhanger!

What movies are you looking forward to watching next year?

  1. Ann Marie says:

    we have to see ALL of those movies together sis 😀 ESPECIALLY “I am Number 4” and “Harry Potter” 🙂 im gonna try to get the book “I am Number 4” during the winter break when i’ll have time to read it ^^

  2. sqt says:

    I had only been really interested in “Cowboys & Aliens” but now I want to go pick up “I am Number Four.”

  3. M. McGriff says:

    Checking out your blog put me on to Cowboys and Aliens! Otherwise, just based on the title, I would’ve passed on it!

    I saw the trailer for I Am Number Four first and that prompted me to go get the book. I just hope the movie does the book justice!

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