The Children of Epsilon Series

An energy force simply named “The One” has created its first planet in its vast universe – Epsilon.  It’s a planet full of diverse land masses, each rich with its own natural resources. He then creates a group of mortals scattering them about its continents to eventually populate the planet.  For thousands of years, the people of Epsilon have lived on the planet creating their own villages and cities in relative peace.  As these mortals continued to evolve, so did their understanding of the world.  Though they worshipped “The One” through their versions of gods and goddesses, they began to use the religion as a way to further their ambitions – not pay respect and homage to The One who has given them life and existence.  Growing increasingly frustrated with his mortal children, he introduces children of his own – The Children of Epsilon.  Forged out of the physical and mental elements of Epsilon they possess powers that they at first do not understand.  As a result, magic, unnatural creatures, and ultimately The War are introduced into Epsilon.  With lines between god and man becoming increasing blurred, Epsilon is thrown into constant turmoil, taking hundreds of years for the humbleness and loyal faithfulness it once had to The One to be restored.


To be released in 2011

An outcast since the day she was born, Damaris lived amongst the farming people of Camden.  She entered their world as an abandoned infant, nurtured by a widow and her family whose love protected Damaris until her untimely death.  Ridiculed and beaten by her very neighbors for two years, she endures their torture for the last time during a Harvest Festival in the town of Barron.  Her anger and thirst for vengeance take shape into the dark powers she doesn’t know she has, leaving nothing but the bodies and ash behind.  After working in a notorious tavern and traveling with a well known prostitute, she arrives in the city of Ophira and tries to lead an unassuming life.  It wouldn’t last.  A supernatural earthquake, religious upheaval, and political discord bring her face to face with her dark and deadly existence and a god she never believed in.


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