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A few weeks back I finally finished the first draft of my novel.  Man, what a feeling! I’ve been working on this story for almost two years now, falling victim everytime to the writer’s procrastination.  My writing people know what that is – work a little and then set it down until inspiration hits, and then when you get inspired, you never have the time.  At the beginning of the year, I only had five chapters done, with the first chapter being rewritten a few times already!  But once I got with my partners in writing business, I had the pushs I needed and finally finished the damn thing.

Anyways, the road trip was conveniently planned the following week with my husband.  We drove to Pensacola,Jacksonville, and St. Augustine ( a feat I know but thank goodness my husband loves to drive!), armed with my Samsung Vibrant phone taking pictures like crazy.  I’m not the greatest photographer, but I found myself taking pictures of trees, clearings, and coastlines.  I did it because I thought my novel needed some help in the description department – especially being that it is a fantasy novel.  Descriptions are super important because my world (called Epsilon) doesn’t exist in real life so I have to make sure my reader can experience it to its fullest potential.  Pensacola was great because I-10 was a five hour stretch of nothing but green grass, lush trees, and the occasional farms of goats, cows, and horses.  Most of my novel takes place in the countryside, so this was super helpful for me in that respect.  I then took a stroll down Pensacola Beach, which had clean white sand and warm blue-green water.  It was gorgeous and I found myself picturing the shoreline for one of my Epsilon cities, Avenera, which is situated along a coastline.  The beach even had houses on stilts which was so crazy because it was my first time there and the houses in my Avenera were on stilts!  Super awesome to have something concrete to look out when I tighten up my novel descritpions.     Jacksonville is very urban so I didn’t find too much story inspiration there.  However, in St. Augustine when I took a tour of the famour fort, Castillo de San Marcos, I came to realize that the same coastal city in my book may need some type of fort like this because from a military standpoint it makes sense.  There’s a war that will break out soon in the series and such a fort would be very necessary.  I probably would have never thought of that had I not visited this fort.

All in in all this roadtrip not only served as a mini-break that I desperately needed but also a tool to help me out with my scenery descriptions for my novel!

Here are just a few of the gazillion pictures I took.  Hopefully they can help you and inspire you as much as it did for me!

Tell me, what inspires you?