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I wanted to start off my new blog with a major source of inspiration for my first novel, Damaris.  As you will learn, music is a HUGE inspiration for me.  I literally have a soundtrack that I listen to while I’m writing and fingers crossed if it becomes a movie, that list would prove invaluable! LOL  And you will also learn that Evanescence is my favorite band…EVER!  Amy Lee’s voice is so melodic while her band just brings that rawness that makes every song of there’s a hit!  So when I heard this song, a pivtoal  scene in my book (which you have to stay tuned for!) ran through my head to this music and my creativity just took off!

I couldn’t find an official video for it, but this fan made one will give you the essence of not only what I like about the song, but the main feeling of my book!  Enjoy!

Youtube video courtesy of: Myrth1994