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Besides writing and books, I’m a huge movie buff!  Though this year had a few notables, such as Inception, I didn’t go running off to the movie theatres much.  Next year, however, looks very promising and here are few movies that I wouldn’t mind spending my hard earned $10 to go see!

Cowboys and Aliens

Though the title needs serious work, the movie looks very good.  I was on board as soon as I saw that Harrison Ford was in it!

I Am Number Four

I read the book (which was awesome!) and I heard Steven Spielburg has his hands in this one!

The Green Lantern

I’m not too sure about the storyline, but the special effects look really cool!

Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides

I’ve always been a fan of the movies (and of Jack Sparrow) so I’ll definitely be checking out this one with the fam!

Transformers 3:  Dark of the Moon

Yes, I’m still a sucker for Transformers, though if it turns out to be a disappointment I have no one to blame but myself! LOL

Harry Potter:  The Deathly Hollows Part 2

I really enjoyed the first one, which ended with a great cliffhanger!

What movies are you looking forward to watching next year?


The day before Thanksgiving I took my sister (aka the die hard Harry Potter fan) to see the Deathly Hallows.  To prepare, I watched the Half Blood Prince the night before, because those of us who have kept up with the movies, you have to know what happened before in order to appreciate the movie.  Before I went I already heard great reviews of the movie, so my expectations were high and I was totally psyched.

I have to admit, I haven’t read any of the Harry Potter books, which is such a shame because my brother and my sister have read them all!  But I’ve followed all of the movies, with each one giving me just a little more of the plot.  I think if someone didn’t watch all of them, they would be completely lost and wouldn’t enjoy them as much.  I expected them to be a little slow, more info than action, because it was all leading up to the final showdown between Harry Potter and Lord V  (I dare not say the name! LOL).  Before this movie, the Order of the Phoenix was my favorite and the most action packed in my opinion.  So, with all that said….

Deathly Hallows made watching all of the other movies totally worth it!

It was action packed from beginning to end and started tying up the loose ends from the other movies.  It confirmed that Harry Potter is indeed the one ( to everyone and himself).  Yes, Bellatrix is psycho.  The Ministry of Magic is up to no good.  I still can’t stand Snape.  Draco is all talk.  Ron is an awesome friend (who has more courage than even he knows) and Hermione is a witch that cannot be messed with!  It was great seeing the three of them maturing and finally coming into their own.  Though Dumbledore is gone (and I’m still upset about that from the Half Blood Prince), he still had a significant role so I didn’t end up missing him too much.  Then again, I guess it was necessary because I always saw him as Harry’s training wheels and if JK is going to end the story the right way, Harry needs to handle this on his own.

I don’t want to give too much away but this was indeed the best movie of all of them!  What a way to bring in the final act of the story!

I have to admit that I was a little leery of this movie when I first saw the previews.  Though the trailer looked wicked awesome, I have high expectations when it comes to movies about Robin Hood.  I’ve seen the original with Errol Flynn, the remake with Kevin Costner, as well as the comedic version directed by Mel Brooks.  So for me, I thought I’ve seen it all when it comes to telling the story and didn’t think this movie could give me a new unique spin the classic story.

Boy was I wrong!

Instead of starting the story when Robin Hood is already an outlaw, it takes you to the days when he fought in the crusades with King Richard.  King Richard wasn’t the noble and glorious king portrayed in earlier movies.  Robin Hood wasn’t all noble and valiant either.  Even the Lady Marian was more bad ass than in the Costner remake.  I also love the fact that King John was even more annoying and immature, while the infamous Sheriff of Nottingham took a back seat.   The storyline also went deeper than just King John being a greedy king and taking advantage of the peasants.  It involved stolen identities, traitors,  and a French invasion.

For lack of better words, this movie was more “real” and down to earth for me, taking a man who was basically a military deserter to a champion for the poor.  I loved the way Crowe’s character was morally challenged being thrown into a situation that truly put his conscience to the test.  Robin Hood was portrayed as imperfect, a real man with real flaws who was faced with tough choices in a situation so much bigger than him.

I may also add that I am a HUGE Russell Crowe fan and he gave the same stellar level of performance that he did in Gladiator. (And the fact that Ridley Scott directed this one helps too!)

Have any of you seen this movie?  What did you think?