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Music is a huge inspiration to me when it came to writing this novel.  I literally have a playlist on my IPOD that’s filled with songs that evoke the words, feelings, and moods of my novel, depending on which part I’m writing.  The last one from the Prince of Persia went along perfectly with a romantic scene I wrote in Damaris. This time around, we’re going to take things up a notch with this video for the song Night by Disturbed.  I listened to this song a lot while writing this excerpt below because it takes about the mental changes my main character goes through.  Her connection to the Epsilian God Eros (the God of Fire, Lust, and Passion) manifests itself through her dreams.  This dream sequence is the last one she has before she realizes who she is and before the whole world of Epsilon is turned on it’s head!


She opened her eyes to find herself at the steps of Eros’s temple in the City.  At its entrance were two big golden urns, each one overflowing with flames.  Its smoke just added to the ominous fog that surrounded her.   Emerging from the temple entrance was the same figure in the red and gold cloak, its face still hidden.


It extended its arm out in front of it, exposing a dark, shadowing hand.


She was slowly walking up the steps, the fog slowly turning to flames.


She was just a few steps away from it now, its hand still a shadow.  The air was ablaze all around them but Damaris couldn’t feel its heat.

Damaris….it is time.

The voice was crystal clear now, it’s feminine voice strangely familiar. She took its hand and they both disappeared in the flames.



Though I haven’t seen the Prince of Persia yet(though it’s on my Netflix list!), I absolutely LOVE  this song!  For one, I’m a huge Alanis Morissette fan and to hear her again after all this time is awesome!  Her voice is so melodic and realistically heartfelt that they couldn’t have picked anyone else for this song.  Second, the music gives that Middle Eastern feel that I love to listen to when I’m writing ( I don’t know why but it does!).  When I listen to this song, I envision the romantic storyline that my novel has.  Though I’m not a hopeless romantic or into all that mushy stuff, I do believe in the theory of soul mates and a connection that goes beyond the “I love you’s” and all the other flowery words and gestures.

Here’s an excerpt from the romantic plot and enjoy the video!

She couldn’t explain it and neither could Fael, whose years of loneliness were instantly erased, feeling complete just by knowing her.  Words weren’t necessary that evening for their silence said all that they were afraid to say as they watched the night roll in.  They both knew it would be their last night together, though Damaris didn’t know that it would be the last time in her young adult life that her heart would have its say.

I wanted to start off my new blog with a major source of inspiration for my first novel, Damaris.  As you will learn, music is a HUGE inspiration for me.  I literally have a soundtrack that I listen to while I’m writing and fingers crossed if it becomes a movie, that list would prove invaluable! LOL  And you will also learn that Evanescence is my favorite band…EVER!  Amy Lee’s voice is so melodic while her band just brings that rawness that makes every song of there’s a hit!  So when I heard this song, a pivtoal  scene in my book (which you have to stay tuned for!) ran through my head to this music and my creativity just took off!

I couldn’t find an official video for it, but this fan made one will give you the essence of not only what I like about the song, but the main feeling of my book!  Enjoy!

Youtube video courtesy of: Myrth1994