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After coming back from an emergency trip out of town, I thought my writing schedule that I had perfected to a T so I could enjoy my weekend would be shot.  I thought my heart wouldn’t be in it.  My mind was wandering all over the place.  My motivation for sure was done and thought trying to play catch up would be the ultimate chore.  Instead of starting out with my initial to-do list, I decided to work on some short stories I promised my Visual Adjectives colleagues awhile ago.  I stared at the blank screen, not having a clue what to write about.  I typed a few words and it was all she wrote.

I ended up doing two short stories in a few hours (while starting on a third).  I felt awesome not only because I finally got those stories done (and thought they came out rather well).  I felt awesome because it was a great release from all of the stress I encountered with my novel and my personal life that just went batty in a matter of days.  I was able to forget things for a little while by letting my mind stretch and take me wherever it wants it to go, not where my heart was taking it I found myself taking stock of all the little things around me that life can make me ignore.  Things such as the way the leaves blow in the wind ,how my husband makes that crazy face before bursting into laughter, or how soft my pillow feels when I finally get to bed.  Suddenly my deadlines weren’t so pressing and I was able to get up today and knock out so much of my neglected to-do list,

It’s moments like this one that I am thankful to be a writer.  Putting my words to a page is my therapy, making me appreciate everything that is around me right at this second and thoroughly enjoy it.

It’s Thanksgiving and I’m Thankful to be a Writer.